Liquid Lit: The Blonde Fury cocktail


IMG_6481It is so damn hot out (I’m not complaining, I swear!) and I want to read, I really do… but doing so while trying to take full advantage of this serious sun blanket is getting difficult. The amount of sweat that’s being produced on me is distracting, as is my fear of a 3rd degree sunburn, so I decided to take a break from Emily Shultz’s The Blondes to offer a different kind of book interpretation: the literary cocktail.

Why not? Heat + relaxation = cold drinks in the backyard. But because this is a booky blog, it’s gotta have something literary about it. So in honour of my current read, I’ve whipped up some sunny sauce to keep us hydrated. I’ve only really worked at a bar for a few months now, so this took some trial and error, but I think I finally found a winner.theblondefuryrecipe

Shultz’s novel is about a virus that suddenly infects blonde women all over the world,  turning them into dangerous, homicidal crazies. Dubbed “The Blonde Fury,” the cause of this virus is unknown, though I do know the recipe for this drink:
All you’ll need is a banana popsicle (because summer!), coconut rum, half a lemon, ice, a shaker, orange juice and tabasco (because blood! danger! fury!!…trust me, okay? A little spicy lip tingle never hurt anyone)

Now back to the sun. Enjoy!

#ShortLitCrit Debuts @FoundPress


slcToday is the grand opening of Found Press’ new literature hub: Short Lit Crit! A space where you can find reviews of short fiction collected from bloggers around the web in one happy place. And yours truly has been invited to blognob with the finest!  You’ll recognize micro publisher Found Press from an earlier post. Their new component is a perfect way to find new work, new authors, and new blogs and bloggers to enrich the little lit in your life!
Check it out!

Double Cool with Knobs


Withering TightsFor today’s rainy version of hump day, I headed up to the Millbrook Library with Michelle  of Chex: The 5 O’Clock Show to film some upcoming segments for Book Stylist on the big screen! (Okay, I don’t mean THE actual big screen, but some people have big screen TVs, so… it’s close) Anyways, we happened to be in the Teen Fiction section, when I happened to spot a bright pink hardcover: Withering Tights by (none other than my absolute pre-teen obsession series writer) Louise Rennison of Georgia Nicholson fame (!).  Now that I see this new one, which apparently is part of a new series (!!) that follows Georgia’s cousin (!!!) Tallulah, I am SO tempted to revisit my old besty pal who inspired hours of giggling, wisdomosity and a crazy amount of slang WAY before abbrevs were so pop.  This series was an essential part of my growing up, like Harry Potter… if Hermione wrote in a diary, wore “boy entrancers” and referred to Ron a the “Sex God.” I didn’t know books could be this funny and bonkers until I found GN, and it was the first time I found myself running to the bookstore for the latest instalment.  Seriously, HOW did I not know about this?? WHERE are all my middle school books! WHEN did I get so old? …..also, WHEN can I go to the bookstore??
Who is taking me! (Muti? Vati?)

Like… I’m dying.