Blog: Cover Wars: Short Story Edition.


Look what came in my mailbox today! Cosmo by Spencer Gordon, a short story collection I am extremely excited to dig in to. But look! Familiar? I am hugely reminded of the cover for Jessica Westhead’s short stories And Also Sharks (and that isn’t a bad thing because I adored it). The quirky faces, strategically cut and pasted. Though Sharks had perfect paper doll bodies to emphasize their sad little heads, Cosmo has some kind of Kaleidoscope collage going on and it gives me high hopes. If my past review is anything to go by, I have a very positive association with this kind of cover design (ie: strange). Who wouldn’t want more covers like this? I laugh every time I look at them. Lord knows it’s better than another shirtless long-haired cowboy/astronaut/fireman/Fabio + damsel combo. Amirite? Give me the weird ones, ‘cuz I know they’ve got personality.