Galentine’s Day with Katherine Heiny

A nice surprise appeared on my desk this week! An ARC of short stories by Katherine Heiny: Single Carefree Mellow. Besides a cute note from the Savvy Reader herself and a blurb from Lena Dunham, I had no prior knowledge of the book, but based on the list of adjectives on the cover, I could tell it was probably going to be the 20something millennial dream read. I was right. It’s funny, and thoughtful, and so relatable the women in these stories might as well be your best friends already.


Thanks for thinking of me HC! (And sorry in advance, BF, I’ll probs be spending the rest of my weekend in Katherine Heiny’s world.) Happy G-Day, ya’ll!

Book Stylist gets the Liebster Award treatment

Welcome to the Book Stylist edition of the Liebster Awards! A pay-it-forward initiative to push and promote great blogs around the web! I was nominated by Chelsey over at Chels And A Book, a fellow Concordian, Humber Publishing alum, AND the blogger who showed me that book blogs are a real life thing. You can check out her Leibster post here! Nominees are encouraged to participate in a cute Q&A and then pass it along, creating a chain reaction of blog recommendations that will spread and spread until we dominate the interwebs with our positive reinforcement!  Here are the rules:

  • Liebster_AwardReveal 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions set forth by you nominator.
  • Select at least 5 blogs to nominate and send them their own inquisitive questionnaire to fill out.
  • Spread the blog love!


  1. My ideal afternoon is a long lunch with good friends at a table by the window.
  2. I function at a very high temperature. I’m always warm. Like really, really warm. I like scalding hot showers. I cannot handle being cold. Why I don’t live on a beach right now is beyond me.
  3. I walk extremely fast. I don’t know if it’s subconscious compensation for my short legs or a habit I picked up after having lived through some frigid Montreal winters, but it physically pains me to saunter.
  4. Ironically though, I loath running.
  5. I taught myself how to cook during a 6 month unemployment stint a few years ago and now I love to experiment sans recipe. Before that, I couldn’t even manage instant pancakes without some terrible mishap.
  6. My closet is full of clothes with animals on it, including rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, swans, mice, and unicorns. And I won’t stop until I can wear an entire enchanted forest.
  7. Epic marriage proposal stories never fail to make me cry. Especially this one.
  8. My celebrity boyfriend is Jason Schwartzman.
  9. Most of my iPod is made up of 40s music and show tunes.
  10. In a different life, I think I would have made a great OB-GYN.
  11. I love staying in hotels. If I could live in one, I would.


  1. tuck-everlastingWhat is your favourite childhood book, favourite read from the last year, and most anticipated future read?
    When I was younger, I would read and reread Barbara Smucker’s Underground to Canada. Also, Tuck Everlasting.
    Last year: Oh man, I read so many great ones it’s hard to choose. The Miracles of Ordinary Men was a pretty fantastic. Also, Husk.
    Anticipated: Amy Poehler’s humour memoir!
  2. If you had the choice to create your last meal (appetizer, main course, dessert and beverage), what would it be?
    A spicy caesar. French onion soup. Cedar plank salmon, wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil, roasted asparagus. Chocolate cheesecake.
  3. mylibraryWhat would your ideal bookshelf/ library look like?  I’ve always wanted a comfy plush bay window with giant pillows, and surrounding it with book shelves to the ceiling. And don’t forget the ladder!
  4. If you were to get a tattoo tomorrow, what would it be and where? I have a tattoo! It’s a pair of sewing buttons on my ribcage. But I’m considering getting another one. I’ve always wanted a small white rabbit in honour of one of my favourite storybook catalyst.
  5. Do you anticipate your birthday, wish it was over faster or remain indifferent? I love my birthday! It gives me an excuse to plan something fun.
  6. What is in your ideal smoothie? I’ll devour anything in smoothie form, but raspberries and peaches are my favourite.
  7. If you were to go to a ball (Disney Princess style), what would your dress look like? Anything from Spanish designer Rosa Clara. Just make it red.
  8. Do you have a favourite mug? Where is it from, how long have you had it and what does it look like? My favourite mug is my new one from David’s Tea. It’s a colour changing whale mug! David’s Tea mugs are quickly bumping my old Starbucks ones to the back of the shelf.
  9. burton_alice_011__oPtWhat is your favourite thing about your blog? I love the challenge of finding ways to photograph books. I love the physical object, so trying to depict the mood of reading in a visual way is a lot of fun. That’s been a recurring compliment from readers, so it’s nice to know it works.
  10. Who is your favourite man or woman in literature and why?
    Alice (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) for her insane imagination.
  11. If you were to adopt a dog or a cat today, what would one of your name considerations be? Oh I have a list of them. But just like my human baby names, the name of my future fur baby is under strict lock and key. Or it’s hidden behind the passcode of my iPhone.


AND NOW YOU KNOW! Stay tuned for my nominees later this week!

Friday Reads: Heather O’Neill

Alessandra, (24) enters the house. She brings in a carton of donuts and take-out coffee. Her Dad, (56) and Boyfriend, (28) are setting up for the men’s hockey Olympic gold medal game.

By the way, package came for you.
Did you order something?

Jesus! You’re always ordering something!
(He sips his coffee and burns his tongue)

I don’t know… I don’t think so?

Alessandra picks up a white  package and opens it. Inside is Heather O’Neill’s 2007 Canada Reads victor Lullabies For Little Criminals and an advance copy of the highly anticipated follow-up novel The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, along with a note from one of her favourite publishing secret agents

Shut up!

She shoves Boyfriend and Dad with immeasurable force in a knee-jerk reaction, and fangirls for the rest of the day. Olympic hockey be damned, I’ll get the score between chapters.