Judging books by their covers. And then some.

Born in Peterborough Ontario, I’ve bounced from Montreal to Toronto and back again doing a little bit of everything in between. Screenwriting, playwriting, theatre, you name it! But I’ve always been a reader.
I went to university for writing and then college for publishing and that’s where I really fell for books. The stories, yes, but also the books themselves. Fresh new releases, feel-good hardcovers, dog-eared paperbacks, musty backshelfers, and plastic-wrapped public servants.
Because this is a personal blog, I choose books based on what sparks my interest (and, luckily, a lot does!), though I have a serious soft spot for CanLit.

So I’ve come to volunteer myself as your personal Book Stylist and this blog is a hub for ideas and recommendations for that next great literary escape! I style my reviews around dust jackets and french flaps, drawing inspiration from both colour and content.  And although a cover won’t always tell you the truth about a book, I certainly will. 

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Got a book suggestion you’d think I’d love? Send me a review request using the form below.

*Please note that I don’t review self published work. I accept print books or arcs (no e-reads, sorry!), and books will be selected for review at my own discretion. I can’t guarantee the timing between receiving a book and posting a review but I’ll do my best. All reviews will (obviously) be my own honest opinion.* 

Now let’s talk books!

Photography credit for the Book Stylist headers goes out to Jamo Best Photography! 

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