Friday Reads: Heather O’Neill

Alessandra, (24) enters the house. She brings in a carton of donuts and take-out coffee. Her Dad, (56) and Boyfriend, (28) are setting up for the men’s hockey Olympic gold medal game.

By the way, package came for you.
Did you order something?

Jesus! You’re always ordering something!
(He sips his coffee and burns his tongue)

I don’t know… I don’t think so?

Alessandra picks up a white  package and opens it. Inside is Heather O’Neill’s 2007 Canada Reads victor Lullabies For Little Criminals and an advance copy of the highly anticipated follow-up novel The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, along with a note from one of her favourite publishing secret agents

Shut up!

She shoves Boyfriend and Dad with immeasurable force in a knee-jerk reaction, and fangirls for the rest of the day. Olympic hockey be damned, I’ll get the score between chapters.



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