All I want for Christmas is the Classics

Um. Hi. So I guess it’s December 16th now. Paul McCartney is permanently playing on all the radios all the time. There’s an Xmas countdown on my browser… Where did the time go? Thankfully I did all my shopping in September because this past month has been a whirlwind. I had the phenomenal pleasure of performing in an adaptation of Oliver Twist with local theatre company Arbor Theatre: a troupe that gives kids as young as four a chance to perform onstage for their peers. We did nine shows in 4 days (!) and I’ve been sleeping ever since we wrapped on Friday.

Imagephoto 2

….But if this week taught me anything (besides how amazing, talented and hilarious kids can be) it was that I am highly under read in the Classics category. Case in point: I had to google Oliver Twist. Embarrassing. I mean, I know the I-want-some-more-glorious-food-pickpocket tragedy story, but living and breathing it for a week made me ever so aware of not having actually read it. During our Q&A period at the end of the show, one audience in particular schooled (ha!) us in Twist Trivia…which lead to the googling and then the literary shaming of myself.

So this year, all I want for Christmas is the Classics. And there’s something about Dickens that screams Christmas to me. Probably the subconscious images of the The Muppet Christmas Carol DVD emblazoned on my childhood (oh my GOD I need to read more…) or his creation of the best Christmas Villain ever, Ebenezer Scrooge. Either way! And nobody does the classics better than Penguin. Specifically the Coralie Bickford-Smith clothbound hardcover editions that came out in 2010 and includes everything from Alice in Wonderland to The Odyssey.  Books make the best gifts because the stories we love never leave us. There is such a beautiful, unique variety with different covers and editions, you can personalize a book to someone’s aesthetic taste as well as their literary taste. The best part is a personalized note scribbled in the front cover will ensure that your thoughtfulness is never forgotten.


This might have to be an ongoing collection effort since there are 31 titles in the series at 25$ a piece. But, I have been a good girl this year…


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