BookStylist presents: The Reviewy Horror Booky Show…or something

Whatever. I tried so many. That was the best one.

IMG_1149The cold turns me into a horrible person. I’d rather sweat myself inside out than shiver senselessly any day of the year and a warm sweater on days like this works like garlic in repelling my nasty nature from springing and taking out someone’s jugular. I don’t mind the trees performing strip teases with their leaves or the crispness in the air but I DO mind the chill that settles in my bones and the concentration it takes to keep my teeth from rattling for the next 6 months. Perhaps I am part amphibian. The cold air now just taunts me with the impending doom of winter hibernation where I lose all motivation to do anything because I can’t move from my warm spot. Either way, it’s early yet and all month I’ve decided to distract myself from by searching for a different kind of chill. A thrilling chill that comes from reading something spooktacular (ugh, I’m sorry).

I know pairing October with a horror marathon is a tad cliche…OR it might just be a naturally perfect combination. It’s been a long time since Halloween meant anything besides cheap dollar decor, plastic spiders and orange jello-shots and I think it is a great excuse to get the seasonal change off it’s haunches and highlight some disgustingly terrifying writing. I’ve chosen 5 titles this month in 5 different categories that touch on fear in some way.

And the nominees are:


Wish me luck. And if you catch me tweeting at 4 am because I can’t sleep, will you please offer me some soothing words?


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