Liquid Lit: The Reimann Hypothesis

reimannhypothesis2I spent a long time trying to figure out what kind of beverage would compliment this sweet-and-sour story about what it means to be human.  Instead of a shot or a cocktail, I thought of something refreshing to represent the sheer enjoyment of life. A warm day with a cold bevy and good company marks one of the simplest pleasures on Earth, so why not start there? But of course, it had to be a vibrant shade of blue, like the cosmos and the cover of Matt Haig‘s latest novel The Humans for which this drink is inspired.

In The Humans, the body of Professor Andrew Martin is taken over by an alien whose task is to destroy all evidence of Andrew’s recent mathematical breakthrough (a discovery that would significantly advance human life called “The Reimann Hypothesis”). But in order to do this, the alien must blend in with humankind, playing house with Andrew’s family and hobnobbing with his co-workers and friends. Acting as our narrator, Alien-Andrew stumbles through the sad, strange, complicated nuances of human life while learning how strongly our emotions anchor our nature, like a gravitational pull.  And though he tries his best to be impartial, he cannot help but embrace the allure of our impassioned, albeit precarious, existence.


So….introducing the Reimann Hypothesis! A cosmic take on Sangria or a little bit of the universe in a glass. I prefer the unsweetened version as described here, but you’re welcome to add a sweeter bubbly like 7up or sparkling lemonade for a sugar pinch. Don’t forget the full-moon fruit slices and blueberry asteroids! Share it on your porch while you mull over the complicated flavour of life on Earth.  And of course, read The Humans by Matt Haig!


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