Liquid Lit: The Blonde Fury cocktail

IMG_6481It is so damn hot out (I’m not complaining, I swear!) and I want to read, I really do… but doing so while trying to take full advantage of this serious sun blanket is getting difficult. The amount of sweat that’s being produced on me is distracting, as is my fear of a 3rd degree sunburn, so I decided to take a break from Emily Shultz’s The Blondes to offer a different kind of book interpretation: the literary cocktail.

Why not? Heat + relaxation = cold drinks in the backyard. But because this is a booky blog, it’s gotta have something literary about it. So in honour of my current read, I’ve whipped up some sunny sauce to keep us hydrated. I’ve only really worked at a bar for a few months now, so this took some trial and error, but I think I finally found a winner.theblondefuryrecipe

Shultz’s novel is about a virus that suddenly infects blonde women all over the world,  turning them into dangerous, homicidal crazies. Dubbed “The Blonde Fury,” the cause of this virus is unknown, though I do know the recipe for this drink:
All you’ll need is a banana popsicle (because summer!), coconut rum, half a lemon, ice, a shaker, orange juice and tabasco (because blood! danger! fury!!…trust me, okay? A little spicy lip tingle never hurt anyone)

Now back to the sun. Enjoy!


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