Book Stylist Does ‘The 5 O’Clock Show’!

….actually, I have been doing it for some time, but my wordpress abilities are only now starting to evolve. Thankfully I’m at that stage now in my blog awareness to realize that I do, in fact, have opposable thumbs and that I can, in fact, ADD VIDEOS! Hooray!

To catch up: For the past 4 months I’ve been doing reviews for beloved local channel CHEX, specifically on their fun lifestyle show The 5 O’Clock Show, where myself and co-anchor Michelle Ferreri discuss basically anything I discuss on here but in a non-rehearsed-lets-just-talk-and-see-what-happens-no-filter kind of way. And then the good bits get pieced together and aired every other hump day during the show. In case you’ve never heard of Chex way way down in the 200 channels or you don’t live in the Kawarthas at all, here are some highlights, including our latest residency at The Silver Bean Cafe in Peterborough:
(ps: look how my bangs have grown…)




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