Hiatus: Over

My bookshelf is having separation issues. I have’t plucked a thing from it in so long, if it hadAlessandra feelings, it probably would have started chucking paperbacks at me long ago just to get some attention. If it was a cat, it would ignore me like I was an owner who had just returned from a week’s vacation… I realize a long absence can seem like a personal offence, but I assure you all (whoever you all may be) that I’m still around and kicking.

Newsflash: It turns out that blogging doesn’t exactly put a roof over your head, unless it’s a paper roof, in which case I’d be wet and mulchy and have suffered seventy plights of pneumonia by now.
Nope. I gotta work to live, and do things like to eat and buy hardcovers that I don’t need by desperately want because I have a hoarding issue. Now I’m just left with reading fervently on my days off like a real normal person who doesn’t get paid to read all day. (And if you happen to be reading this and just happen to be one of those people who reads all day and money appears in your bank account, I am jealous of you and can I please have your job? Thx)

Jamo BestBut no matter, I still have a book pile the height of a Dutch man by my bedside that’s STACKED with so many goodies (!). And I HAVE been working my creative muscles, as a matter of fact! I just needed a lil help. Enter Jamo Best, the one responsible for all this new visual stimulation. He let me play dress up and I made let him take my picture over and over again one day and here we are! He even got me to take my clothes off. sorta. not really… nevermind. WHATEVER, IT’S ART.

Anyways, welcome back to the new stylish Book Stylist : a place where I can now show you all the glamourous stuff that book reviewers do like sit alone in track pants trying not to make a Dorito cheese stain when you turns the page with your finger drink Earl Grey in knit gloves on a windowsill with The Complete Works of Lewis Carol… So take a look around. It’s relatively the same, only now my face appears A LOT. Anyways, the hiatus is officially over. Bring on the books.


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