Double Cool with Knobs

Withering TightsFor today’s rainy version of hump day, I headed up to the Millbrook Library with Michelle  of Chex: The 5 O’Clock Show to film some upcoming segments for Book Stylist on the big screen! (Okay, I don’t mean THE actual big screen, but some people have big screen TVs, so… it’s close) Anyways, we happened to be in the Teen Fiction section, when I happened to spot a bright pink hardcover: Withering Tights by (none other than my absolute pre-teen obsession series writer) Louise Rennison of Georgia Nicholson fame (!).  Now that I see this new one, which apparently is part of a new series (!!) that follows Georgia’s cousin (!!!) Tallulah, I am SO tempted to revisit my old besty pal who inspired hours of giggling, wisdomosity and a crazy amount of slang WAY before abbrevs were so pop.  This series was an essential part of my growing up, like Harry Potter… if Hermione wrote in a diary, wore “boy entrancers” and referred to Ron a the “Sex God.” I didn’t know books could be this funny and bonkers until I found GN, and it was the first time I found myself running to the bookstore for the latest instalment.  Seriously, HOW did I not know about this?? WHERE are all my middle school books! WHEN did I get so old? …..also, WHEN can I go to the bookstore??
Who is taking me! (Muti? Vati?)

Like… I’m dying.


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