Blog: Canada Post tried to kill Mr. Fins

This week has already been the best week when it comes to book things and it’s only Tuesday.  Not only did I win a signed copy of this year’s Canada Reads winner February from House of Anansi (a really great reason to follow your favourite publishers on Facebook or Twitter!), today I found a fish in my mailbox! And not just any fish. A celebrity fish. My very own Mr. Fins.

Mr. Fins appears in the office satire I just finished called Pulpy and Midge and happens to be a highlight of it’s cartoon-y cover (hence the celebrity part). Author Jessica Westhead, in a floating cloud of friendly awesomeness, sent him to me with a little bookmark + note (!) forever inducting herself into the exclusive “Imaginary BFFs” corner of my brain.

But Mr. Fins did not experience his postal journey unscathed. Poor bugger got his eye gauged out by an unnamed force.



If you’ve read the book you’ll understand how ironically perfect this accident is. Pulpy and Midge is so cringe worthy and adorkable that an incident like this would happen and perfectly encapsulates the love-and-pitiable characters in her novel. Just as life likes to imitate art, the postal service imitates the emotional distress bestowed upon the characters in the form of a battered plastic cycloped fish.

or something…okay, maybe I’m reaching a little bit.

Anyways, if you haven’t read the book, it’s a wry and offbeat story that hits the everyday nail on it’s weird little head. I enjoyed it very much.  THANK YOU JW for the fun tuesday treat! A book cover manifesting itself into a real thing delivered to my doorstep! It’s a book stylist’s dream.


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